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Melton Hill Lake Musky Fishing and Much More

Melton Hill Lake Musky Fishing and Much More


Melton Hill Lake is a reservoir on the Clinch River near Oak Ridge, Tennessee. It is one of the most scenic and diverse waterways in the region, offering a range of recreational opportunities for visitors and locals alike.

Melton Hill Lake covers 5,690 acres of water surface and has 173 miles of shoreline. It runs 57 miles in length from Melton Hill Dam to Norris Lake Dam. The dam was built by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) in 1963 as part of its river control and power generation projects. Melton Hill is the only dam in the tributary reservoir system with a navigation lock, allowing boats to travel between the Tennessee River and the Clinch River1.

Melton Hill Lake is surrounded by Anderson, Knox, Roane and Loudon counties in East Tennessee. Much of the northwest shoreline is United States Department of Energy property, while most of the opposing shoreline is privately owned. The lake has a few small coves that border the main navigation channel, but most of it is narrow and riverine. The reservoir is considered a cool water lake, with relatively low productivity and good dissolved oxygen levels throughout the year.

Melton Hill Lake is a popular destination for boating, fishing, swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking and rowing. The lake is home to one of the top regatta venues in the nation, where thousands of students from the United States and Canada compete throughout the spring on the calm and clear waters The lake is known for its diverse fish species, including sauger, musky, sturgeon, crappie, and bass

Melton Hill Lake also offers year-round camping, picnicking, hiking and biking opportunities. There are several campgrounds, marinas, parks and trails along the lake, such as the Melton Hill Park, the Haw Ridge Park, the Melton Lake Green way and the North Boundary Trail. The lake is also close to other attractions in the area, such as the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the American Museum of Science and Energy, the Secret City Commemorative Walk and the Manhattan Project National Historical Park.


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